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We are moving boundaries and carry out this attitude into digital solutions.

Liliam Hernandez

President and CEO

Liliam Hernandez, a well recognized successful business woman in the Media Industry, is the President and CEO of Universal Labs of America.

Mrs. Hernandez founded Universal Labs of America in 1994 and throughout these years with hard working, integrity, and dedication the company has achieved international recognition as one of the companies that can provide any technology solution requested in the industry. She is always caring for the clientele by giving them the best quality and the most competitive prices in the market.

Mrs. Hernandez started her professional career in the audiovisual industry at Video Lab in 1980. She was the general administrator and in charge of the customer services.

Mrs. Hernandez obtained a bachelor degree in Business Administration at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.

Juan Pedro Hernandez


Juan Pedro Hernandez, a specialist in Operation Management, is the COO at Universal Labs of America, Inc.

Juan Pedro always makes sure that everything that comes in and goes out meets our client’s needs and specifications in what has been requested.

Juan Pedro also makes sure that the laboratory is highly equipped with the latest Hardware/Software in the Industry reaching high technology standards in the competitive world.

Juan Pedro has been COO of Universal Labs of America for the last 10 years.

Juan Pedro holds a bachelor degree in Engineering and Technology.

Mariela Montiel

Accounting Officer

Mariela Montiel, a specialist in the Accounting field, is the Accounting Officer at Universal Labs of America, Inc.

Mariela manages the financial resources of the company to ensure efficient and effective functioning of its operations.

Mariela joined Universal Labs in 2011. She has been promoted to a variety of positions within the company with the years due to her successful implementations of business strategies in the administration department and accounting bookkeeping.

Mariela worked as account manager and in the administration field at Nodac Technology for over 10 years.

Mariela earned a Bachelor Degree in Public Administration and a minor in International Business. She also acquired a business certificate in the School of International Business at Nova South Eastern University.

Alexandra Fronte

Project Manager

Alexandra Fronte, a professional in Customer Service, is the Project Manager at Universal Labs of America, Inc.

Alexandra assists with professionalism Universal Labs clientele by offering the best post-production services in the digital industry within clients’ budgets. She manages the traffic department making sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule, as well as other departments for support.

Alexandra started working in the same facility for Universal Labs’ sister company Universal Cinergia Dubbing in 2012. She left after 4 years and returned back to Universal Labs leaving her with broad knowledge in the dubbing field and mastered her skills in customer service and internal logistics.

Alexandra obtained a bachelor of Business Administration in Management and International Business at FIU in Miami, Florida. After graduating, she began her professional career at Universal Labs of America, Inc in 2010.

Mayte Dominguez

Project Manager

Mayte Dominguez, a professional in Customer Service, is the Project Manager at Universal Labs of America, Inc.

Mayte brings Universal Labs’ clients instructions into work, gives them effective problem solving, and monitors the progress toward goals in order to meet the client’s deadlines. She has built a long lasting clientele.

Mayte started working in Universal Labs in 2010 as Traffic Assistant with the past years she gained experienced by the one-to-one customer service that is provided and was promoted to completely perform the responsibility as Project Manager.

Mayte graduated with a Business Administration Degree at UTIRLA University in Caracas, Venezuela.

Robert Roque

Post-Production Supervisor

Roberto Roque, an expert in the post-production field, is the Post-Production Supervisor at Universal Labs of America, Inc.

Roberto is going with the technology pace. He supervises and leads to manage top of the line converters such as ALCHEMIST and up to date hardware and software.

Roberto became part of Universal Labs in 2012 as a Post-Production Technician, video Editor, and audio engineer. During these years he has acquired special skills working with digital files, audio QC, video and managing media, graphics and editing.

Roberto got an Associate Degree in Television and Video Production at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2004.

Katy Hernandez

Audio Visual Quality Control Supervisor

Katy Hernandez, a specialist in Audio Visual revision, is the Audio Visual Quality Control Supervisor at Universal Labs of America, Inc.

Katy ensures that every project meets quality and efficiency standards provided by the company. In the case that the final product goes to a broadcaster, she makes sure that the final product meets the technical specifications given by the client. She also provides alternative solutions for any video-audio problems detected in the film master.

Katy started working in Universal Labs of America in 2008 by helping in Traffic and Library Departments. Then, she started helping in the lab working with the technician and discovered her ability in perceiving video and audio problems.

Katy is certified as Quality Control Technician.